The Coffee Compass - Your Guide To The Perfect Coffee

Unsure about what’s gone wrong with your coffee at home? Do you know exactly what to order in a cafe, but unsure how to achieve it when you are the coffee maker? Luckily you have found The Coffee Compass.

What is the Coffee Compass?

The Coffee Compass is your new trusty guide. Essentially, the Compass provides an easy to follow map to help you find where you went wrong and what you need to do to make it right. There is nothing worse than sitting down with a cup of coffee only to be met with bitter tastes and negative flavours.

The Coffee Compass helps to negate any negative coffee taste while steering you toward making the perfect cup of coffee every time you try. A big bonus is you’ll also learn more about different brewing methods whenever you need to correct a flavour!

The green circle, the map, is used to help you find where your brew sits. Once you have found the coffee taste, that spot will become the centre of your compass. From that adjective, use the compass to travel back into the green zone.

For example, if you’ve made an underwhelming, watery, sour brew then extract more fine coffee grinds. If your brew is heavy, salty and sour, you’ve probably under extracted, so you’ll need to extract more but using less coffee beans.

Intense harsh and overwhelming brew? Using the compass, you’ll see that you’ve over extracted and can adjust accordingly. Even tricky brewing methods that require longer brewing times (think cold brews and drip coffees) can be fixed up quickly using The Coffee Compass.

Pro Tip: Before you adjust your brewing ratio, fix your water weight and adjust the dose so that the brewing time and

How To Use The Coffee Compass



Make your coffee.


Have a sip, how does it taste?


If there is a negative flavour, find it on the left of the map.


The negative flavour is now the center of the compass.


How do you want your coffee to taste? Find the direction using the compass to get back into the green circle.


Make your coffee again but change whatever the arrow suggests.


Now you know for next time too!


How To Use The Compass Steps

Extract More

Extracting more means you need to use finer ground coffee beans and/or brew your coffee for a longer time.

Extract Less

The exact opposite of extracting more, your coffee grinds need to be coarser and/or you need to brew it for less time.

Less Coffee

A higher brew ratio between coffee and water needs to be crafted. This can be achieved by reducing the dose of coffee and fixing the water weight or the other way around.

More Coffee

Achieving a lower brew ratio can be achieved by increasing or fixing the dose and reducing the water weight.

Please note: The Coffee Compass doesn’t apply to Espressos. The temperature of your coffee doesn’t matter, from cold drink to boiling hot, just use hot water and you’ll be on your way to a delicious cup of coffee.

If your coffee is of poor quality or roasted badly then it is unlikely The Coffee Compass can save your brew. Shop our range of Roasted Coffee and Blends to avoid any negative flavors in the future.